Leila Hafzi was awarded the prize for best sustainable fashion brand when HRH Crownprincess Mette-Marit gave out this year Green prize at HENNE (Her) Nåløyet



HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit gave out the prize for sustainable fashion during Nåløyet (The Needle eye) at DogA in Oslo yesterday.

The winner of the design award has a distinct environmental profile, where fair trade and human working conditions in the textile industry are addressed. Crown Princess Mette-Marit handed over the newly created award to the Norwegian designer Leila Hafzi.



The jury's criteria for the award reads:

"The designer is a role model and inspiration to others in terms of take environmental initiatives and choose sustainable solutions for its design. From the very beginning , when no one else was talking about the environment and ethics, the winner took hold of this issue. She has been concerned by many parameters in production and has systematically worked to improve. The designer has shown a high degree of transparency in all aspects of production, including in the areas she has fallen short in terms of sustainability.

She has long and consciously worked with the raw materials and made specific choices from a sustainability perspective. The winner has shown an impressive ability to take into account both the animal welfare, human rights and sustainable business model.

The winner has according to the jury received international attention for choosing sustainable solutions in her design work. The jury believes the winner is a pioneer the Norwegian fashion industry can be proud of. The winner is LEILA HAFZI

NEW - GREEN PRICE : This is an honorary award for designers who focus on sustainable fashion and design, with a distinct environmental profile. It is especially pleasing to confirm that Crown Princess Mette - Marit will attend and distribute this important award, says Laila Madsø .
We have a special "green" jury for this new award. The winner must show clear environmental options and choose sustainable solutions in all areas. Winner must have a stated environmental profile, where fair trade and human working conditions in the textile industry are addressed.


Jury President Ellen Arnstad , publishing editor at Aller Media .
• Laila Madsø , Editor in Chief HER (HENNE magaizine)
• Tone Skårdal Tobiasson NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical - NiCE)
• Marius Holm, managing director of the environmental organization Zero
• Gunhild Stordalen, chairman of Gree Nudge and Stordalen Foundation
• Charlotte Bik Bandlien, ass . Professor of Design at the National Academy


Oslo, February 12th 2014


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