Shooting at Stryn Norway with Erik Almas

ROYAYE SEFID 2015 bridal campaign photographed by Erik Almas at Stryn Nordfjord, Norway


“Sometimes I feel like born under a lucky star. Its truly an honor working great artistry and a photographic genius as Erik Almas. The two campaign shoots we have done in Nepal and Norway brings us more near the true craftsmanship and art of our work as the imagery brings the collections into its right element. With ease we dive into tales, feelings of true beauty and the work becomes like a joyful dance. I hope you will enjoy our visions” - Leila Hafzi


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"When designer Leila Hafzi approached me to photograph her latest bridal collection with the inspiration rooted in Norwegian mythology and it’s landscape I was truly excited.


We would venture to the west coast of Norway and photograph the myths around the Snow Queen, the Hulder, and one of the more famous Norwegian paintings, Brudeferd i Hardanger (Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord) by Adolph Tidemand.


In discussing this project it was impossible to not get into the subject of recreating our own version of this painting. As we decided to do so it became the first time I consciously created an image to pay homage to a style that have deeply affected me as a photographer" - Erik Almas


Enjoy a behind the scenes video from the shoot in the beautiful scenery of Stryn Nordfjord in Norway


The collection ROYAYE SEFID 2015 - A Cultural Fairytale

Leila Hafzi‘s bridal range Royaye Sefid (Bright Dreams) is a line of innovative bridal dresses and evening gowns for a grand entrance. Her fifth collection Royaye Sefid V and its classic fabrics are lovingly woven and tailored into uniquely delicate creations with exciting new textures appearing in the form of hand-made silk lace, embroidered silk and beaded details.

The designer has again enhanced the collection by mixing elements from different cultures. The inspiration for the Royaye Sefid V collection comes from the designer’s mix of childhood memories: the Norwegian snowflake and Iranian wild rose. These memories have been interpreted through the intricate handwork of the Santal women in Bangladesh and their excellent crafts work with local natural silks created in beautiful crochet work.

The signature palette of soft colours incude pure white, crème, champagne and a hint of rose. As with all Royaye Sefid collections, the gowns and styles are available in soft hues, as well as a variety of brighter colours for Red Carpet and other special events.


The designer finds inspiration wherever cultures meet and interact. Elements from the Royaye Sefid collections build on the strings of prayer flags hanging across rooftops and above the streets of Kathmandu in Nepal. Worn by the wind and sun, their sharp edges grow soft and ruffled. The rough edge silks compliment the overall femininity of the designs.



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Model Helene Hammer

Hair & Makeup Tomas Erdis


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