VOGUE Italia - Oroarezzo Premiere

«Premiere is ever more a showcase for future trends» says Raul Barbieri, Director of Arezzo Fiere e Congressi, on this competition, which has been going on for 22 years. The fashion show saw elegant models take to the fashion runway at the Centro Congressi the night the show kicked off on March 24. Each of the brands were represented with a jewel that gave a taste of what is to come this next season.

Expert judges voted for the best jewel at the Premiere 2012 competition. The absolute winner took home the ‘Minerva d’Oro’ prize. The other 8 winners had jewels that were equally as deserving. The event will be shown on the QVC channel and the 9 winning jewels will be seen at various other initiatives throughout the year.

The winning jewels for 2011 were shown at trade shows in Hong Kong, London and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. They were presented at other events in Berlin, Santiago, Chile and Shenzhen, China, much to the satisfaction of the jewelry companies. The winners for Premiere 2012 are as follows. In first place, there’s UnoAErre, followed by 230Ar, Cenzi Vittorio, Graziella Group, ModulaGioielli, Nemesi, Prestige, Roberto Magi and Sem-Ar.

These jewels enriched outfits by Leila Hafzi, Coite and Twenty Eight Twelve. Models wore shoes by Gastone Lucioli and Zara. The winning jewels have the task of dictating trends and fashion choices through the next year.



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